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Tuition rates at Northland Pioneer College depend on factors such as In-State vs. Out-of-State Residency Status and if you qualify for the Senior Citizen discount (50% of tuition if 60 years and older).

  • For more information and the latest rates, visit the Tuition & Fee section of our website. Tuition rates are the same for all types of classes including online courses.
  • To calculate how much a class will cost, you will need to know how many credits the course is worth. You can find course credit information in the class schedule search or the college catalog.
    • Please note that some courses have additional fees. See fee schedule.
    • There is also a general media fee for all students who take 3 or more credits per semster.
  • Contact the NPC Business Office for further questions about the cost of taking classes at (928) 524-7480.

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